One way to add visual interest at night to a garden or pathway is through the use of an “attraction light”, which gets its name from the fact that it attracts the eye.

Custom designed path and garden lights
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Most outdoor lighting effects are cast in areas and shapes: circles around path lights, arcs of light across walls, cones of light up into a tree, etc. But an attraction light creates a shadow play, introducing new shapes and lines at night for a stunning effect.

Attraction lights come in many sizes and shapes, from as small as 13″ up to towering pillars that can form structural shapes or archways.

All of them work in the same basic way: a bulb mounting inside the fixture at the top shines downward, illuminating the cutouts on the fixture itself as well as casting shadows outward in all directions.

The shapes cut out of the fixture dictate the shadows you get, and everything from organic vine designs to angular geometric shapes are available. Another great effect is to have the street number or the name of your property cut into the attraction light, which gives you both a beautiful and functional driveway marker.