It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking certain fixtures are only for certain applications. Deck lights go on decks, pond lights go in ponds, garden lights go in gardens, and so on. But of course, most fixtures can be placed in a huge variety of locations for an equally huge variety of effects.

One lovely example of such an effect is placing a solid copper path/garden light into a rock bed. The combination of natural elements (stone and copper) is truly lovely during the day, and it lends an organic “softness” to an otherwise hard area.

Darkened copper path light mounted in rock gardenThese photos are from two Greater Toronto Area area properties (one in Richmond Hill, the other in Kleinburg) where we recently designed and installed outdoor lighting. In both cases, copper path lights were used to great effect by mounting them among the rocks and stones adjacent to pathways.

At the first property (pictured above right, click for larger version) in Kleinburg, the nearby garden wasn’t a suitable light location due to a tricky corner and tight spacing of the hedge against the hardscape. But a BB07 with ts wide-effect lighting was the perfect solution when mounted directly into the rock bed itself. Not only does it illuminate the nearby pathway nicely, but it also highlights the fantastic texture of the stones, a perfect pairing in this great mix of hardscape and landscape.

Also, as you can see from the photo, we installed the pre-darkened version of this solid copper fixture. While copper will naturally develop a dark patina, in this case the bright shiny copper would stand out too much during the time before it darkened. That’s why we also offer any copper fixture in a pre-darkened finish. It’s still an unpainted fixture so there’s no worry about fading or peeling paint; just natural copper that has been darkened so there isn’t that initial period of bright shiny copper where it would be too distracting on the landscape.

Copper path light mounted in rocks to light path along the side of the houseAnother recent property where the same fixture was used to great effect in a rock bed (pictured right, click for larger version) was a home in Richmond Hill with a long hardscape-and-stone pathway down the side of the house leading to the back yard. There was no suitable option for lights attached to the house, and in this case both neighbours got to share the same lighting solution placed in the “river of rocks” running between the houses.

The result was a truly lovely effect combining safety, beauty, and the efficiency of lighting two paths at the same time.

Great lighting designs often incorporate an element of small surprise to delight the eye, and find a creative solution to lighting challenges.