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Mar 20 2017

We service all outdoor lighting systems

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Toronto service van
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When you see the OLP van pull up, you know great service has arrived.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Toronto can service your existing low-voltage outdoor lighting, or add new components like timers and controllers. We can even add more lights to any system that will blend in harmoniously with the lighting you have now, for a seamless addition that feels like it was always there.

No matter what brand of outdoor lighting you have now, we can help with everything from annual tune-ups to wire repairs.

We offer bulb replacements, conversions to LED, fixture relocation and re-designs, timer programming, transformer upgrades, and more. We service all forms of outdoor lighting, including both LED and halogen systems. We can service any residential lighting systems all across the GTA and beyond, so whether you are in Toronto, Oakville, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Aurora, Markham, North York, or anywhere in the 905 area, we are your local low-voltage lighting experts.

It doesn’t even matter if you know what kind of lights you have now, or who originally installed them. We service and maintain every brand, even the old ones that are no longer in business. No label? No problem. From high-end solid copper lighting to big box store plastic specials, we service it all.

Just give us a call, and one of our lighting service vans will be on its way.

Aug 17 2016

The 5 questions to ask any outdoor lighting company

How do you pick an outdoor lighting company? Naturally, I think you should definitely choose OLP if you live anywhere near the Greater Toronto Area. But let’s imagine you live far away. What advice would I give for selecting the best outdoor lighting company near you?

Of course, you’d want a company that offers high quality products. But they all claim to do that. So before I even looked at any fixtures or designs, I’d ask these 5 questions first:

Discuss your lighting goals on-site with designers


The very first step is to eliminate the risk of an under-insured or non-documented crew working on your property. If there is an accident, make sure you won’t be at any risk. You should ask for verification of active liability insurance coverage of at least $5,000,000, and up-to-date Workers compensation coverage and WSIB.


Many general landscape contractors use third parties to do the actual work, and this is often the case with outdoor lighting. But then you have no assurance of who will actually be working on your property and what their qualifications are. Plus it leads to “finger pointing” if something goes wrong. I’d strongly advise you to only consider companies that have their own on-staff designers, installers, and maintenance crew.


A lot of companies just dabble in outdoor lighting, especially when times are slow. But think of it this way: no matter how great your plumber is, you wouldn’t hire them to do your interior decorating. Companies that only do lighting part time generally don’t have access to the highest quality fixtures, nor the same range of solutions. Instead, they’re likely to want to sprinkle the same bullet lights everywhere — the old “I only have a hammer, so everything looks like a nail” problem.


A warranty is only as good as the company backing it up. Ask how long the company has been in business, but just as importantly ask what happens if they go out of business? Is there a national or international network in place to back up their warranty and continue service?


Outdoor lighting is a highly visual thing. Not long after installation, your fixtures will become invisible to you during the day. But the nighttime effect is always front and centre. Seeing the actual proposed lighting effects, at night, right on your own property, can sometimes be the only way to be sure the design is right for you. Don’t rely on a 3D rendered walkthrough, either, since those are notoriously inaccurate compared to how the actual effects will look in person.

Only after asking all 5 of the above questions would I want to see any fixtures or start talking about designs. If you can’t get the right answers to the above, it’s better just to look somewhere else (such as one of the 60 Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations all across the United States).

Of course, if you need outdoor lighting in the Greater Toronto Area then you can get great answers to all of the above questions if you give us a call. Just saying.

Jul 24 2016

What outdoor lighting does a luxury realtor prefer?

When a realtor from one of Ontario’s leading luxury real estate companies needs landscape lighting for their own home, whom do they select? The answer will not surprise you.

Chip Barkel luxury real estate broker in Toronto
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Chip Barkel is a realtor with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Brokerage, a distinct and highly-respected leading luxury full-service brokerage in the fast-paced Toronto real estate market. Chestnut Park is an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, the only real estate network dedicated specifically to the marketing of luxury properties.

Needless to say, Chip could have selected any outdoor lighting provider. That’s why we’re very proud he choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives when it came to high quality landscape lighting for his own property.

Chip even wrote in his own newsletter about his experience with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and the importance of outdoor and landscape lighting:

Here’s an excerpt from what Chip wrote about his own experience with our service:

“When we booked an appointment, we expected a visit with photos in brochures of what we were buying. Not so. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives arrived in time to setup a live demonstration before dusk. We got to preview what our landscape lighting would look like before we bought. I had no idea our property could look so amazing. Wow.”

We are also proud to have been welcomed into Chip’s “Circle Of Trust Referral Network”, which he uses to refer his clients and friends to service providers with whom he has built a relationship and trust.

Thanks, Chip! The feeling is mutual.

You can see Chip’s contact info, testimonials, and current listings at

Jul 18 2016

The amazing half-path/half-flood outdoor light

Recently the lighting designs for two different properties called for one of my favourite fixtures: the half-path/half-flood light.

A half-path/half-flood light looks like a normal pathway fixture during the day, but at night it’s something else entirely. With a standard path light, the effect shines the same in all directions. That’s great for gardens, walkways, and many other places. But a half-path gives off a semi-circle of light on one side, with flood effect on the other side. It’s the perfect way to highlight a plant, stone, statue, or other small feature adjacent to a path.

The “BB07F” is a solid copper half-path/half-flood light, and it’s amazingly versatile due to an adjustable-effect top made from solid spun copper. It’s available in many heights, and is hand crafted in the USA exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

I often use the flood aspect to highlight rocks and gardens along paths. But recently, I used the flood side of the half-path fixture to create shadow shapes and a burst of extra illumination on fences at a pair of lovely properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

Poolside lighting in Richmond Hill with half-path/half-flood outdoor lightsFor the first property, the BB07F half-path lights were used to line a pool as part of a back yard lighting design in Richmond Hill. (See picture to right; click for larger version.) Fence mounted lights were not suitable due to a tricky eye-line problem with some seating areas. However, there was enough space in a rock garden surrounding the pool that I could place half-path lights there without creating any trip hazard.

This resulted in a beautiful effect of lights surrounding the pool and also reflected in it, with lots of light cast down onto the walking area around the pool. A great combination of beauty and function. Also, the half-path lights make a lovely shadow pattern along the fence to add visual interest.

Guests seated on the other side of the pool are treated to a pretty light show with unique shadow shapes, ripples of light reflected in the pool, and no glare.

Garden and fence lighting in Toronto with a half-path/half-flood fixtureA second property, in downtown Toronto, had a small garden near a pathway but still some distance from any other suitable fixture location. It was important to down-light the path since it was close by the main entrance to the yard and also near some concrete steps and a pool. Safety first!

A standard path light might have made the area safe to walk, but not quite comfortable due to the “looming” darkness surrounding it. Once again the half-path saves the day! (See picture to right; click for larger version.) The path effect from the half-path light illuminated the gardens and pathway perfect, and the flood effect side not only gave a burst of extra light for the garden but also washed a large area of the fence with inviting light. A single fixture was perfect to light the garden, the path, the fence, and to mark the edges of both the stairs and pool. What an incredible combo, all from one fixture.

Now the path is comfortable to walk, and the garden and fence make a beautiful highlight to enjoy from both the pool and inside the home.

Technical note: in both of these cases, the fixture used was the BB07F-24, a solid copper half-path/half-flood light with a 6.5″ spun copper top and a 24″ copper shaft. Many other sizes including custom heights are available. Contact us today for a free on-site lighting consultation and estimate to see how this or any other fixtures can help you see your own home in a new light.