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Paths Among Trees

This client in Toronto has a lovely corner home with beautiful tall trees, including 4 giant evergreens that rise above the roofline. There is also a charming path leading along the trees from the driveway to the entrance. The problem was, both the path and the trees were enveloped in darkness every night. Even an existing pair of triple-lamp post lights couldn't keep the gloom away. Our solution was a variety of up-lights to bring the various trees to life, with copper garden and half-path lights lining the pathway to create an inviting welcome home.


Cast brass up-lights highlight trees on either side of the entrance pathway
Framing the entrance

The corner tree becomes a focus for both approach directions
Focal point lighting

One of a pair of half-path/half-flood fixtures to light the way home
Pathway lighting

A solid copper garden light makes the front garden more comfortable
Front garden

Evergreen Giants

Large evergreen trees can be difficult to illuminate properly. They can really absorb light, particularly soft white colours (see our Light Bulb Colour Temperature blog post for more about light colours) so you need a lot of illumination on them to look effective. But at the same time, their size can overwhelm a design so if they get too much illumination they will draw focus from everything else. The balance is important. For this home, we used just a single one of our handcrafted "BB01" solid copper flood lights for each side of the home. The fixtures were mounted on copper stems to raise them above potential snow drifts but still keep them nestled below hedge height for a seamless look. The advantage of handcrafting fixtures exclusive for our clients means we can customize fixtures to meet design goals, instead of compromising to suit what's available on shelves.

In the before/after photos below, you can see how the existing post light to the left of the trees wasn't able to illuminate the evergreens at all from the street view. The whole corner was just a dark wall of green. But with the right fixtures and lighting design, the corner trees come to life as a beautiful welcome home each night. 

Slide the divider left and right to compare the before and after effects.