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This client in Kleinburg has a beautiful modern house with a simply gorgeous sloping roofline.

In addition to many interesting architectural features, this property also has the distinction of being a solar-powered home, so the total power requirements of any new outdoor lighting was something that had to be taken into account. 


One of the goals of this lighting system was to accentuate the home's unique, contemporary profile. 

Another goal was to highlight the lovely tall stone chimney, as well as the front gardens (which were in multiple tiers). 

These curb-appeal elements were balanced by an additional focus on outdoor living spaces, including the hardscape patios and steps on two sides of the property.


The green approach to the home's electrical supply was extended to the landscape lighting, so naturally only an all-LED system was considered.

Given our Canadian winters and snowfall, tall versions of our BB02 slender flood/spot fixture were used to position lamps higher than most snow accumulation for year-round illumination. 

The solid copper material was right at home on this Earth-friendly landscape, and their unique tall-but-slim silhouette added the perfect modern touch.

Why Not Solar Lights?

When illuminating a solar powered house, why not use solar powered lights? The answer is simple: they don't work. Solar landscape lights just do not have enough power to create an area of effect, let alone wash a wall with light.

Modern landscape lighting in Kleinburg

Garden lights do double-duty keeping the steps safely lit
Hardscape patio lighting

Solid copper LED garden/path lights mounted in a stone bed
Highlighting beautiful textures

Garden fixtures also illuminate the pathway for safety
Pathway and garden lighting