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Up-lighting shows off this homes lovely columns. Up-lights and landscape lights have the same colour for a seamless design. 

Up-lighting works great for any home silhouette, including sloped roofs. You can create shallow or deep shadows by varying the distance from the house. 

Up-lighting is suitable for any size home and any height of wall. Up-lighting can create a cosy effect without the "bright dots" of pot lights. 

Up-lighting suits any size house and avoids the pot light glare.

  Up-lighting can create bold, dramatic effects and highlights.

  Up-lighting accents the architecture, such as this sloped roof and stone chimney.

Up-lighting your home has many advantages over old fashioned down-lighting from the roofline. Up-lighting lets you avoid having holes drilled into your house, and no need to climb ladders to change bulbs. There are many aesthetic advantages too because up-lighting opens up a complete range of fixtures and effects. Why settle for "pot lights" when you can have a more convenient, more versatile, and more beautiful lighting design for your home?

For more information about the benefits of up-lights vs. down-lights, see our blog post entitled The Up-Side to Up-Lighting.