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The days of harsh blue LED lights are long gone. New beautiful warm-white LEDs give you the inviting colour of halogen with up to 80% savings in electricity. We can convert your existing halogen outdoor lights into beautiful LED lights for dramatic energy savings and no change to the overall colour and attractiveness.


One of the "dirty secrets" of outdoor lighting is that there is a huge quality difference between some LEDs. There are reputable brand LED bulbs which offer proper colour, consistent brightness, and amazing rated lifespan -- and then there are bulbs that seem to have been made in someone's basement. We install only brand name LED bulbs with 5+ year warranties, 40,000+ hour expected lifespans, and a solid history of quality from our direct hands-on experience.


There are still some places where halogen still makes sense, especially here in Canada where LED bulbs don't melt the snow. But since we can colour-match LEDs to your halogen lights, you can mix-and-match in the same system, using the right bulb in the right place for beautiful outdoor illumination year-round. Now is the perfect time to convert your deck lights, wall lights, path lights, and down-facing lights into LED, and at the same time we can refresh the halogen bulbs in your up-facing lights that need to melt snow during the winter.

Upgrade outdoor lights to LED

Beautiful warm white LED outdoor lighting


The LED advantage

Today's environmentally friendly LED technology combines lovely light with long life and energy savings. Modern LED bulbs are the best they've ever been, and there's never been a better time to upgrade your halogen lights to LED:

  High efficiency, with up to 80% savings in electricity
  Warm, pleasing colour - not the old harsh white/blue
  Can be indistinguishable from halogen for mix-and-match
  Long life, with 40,000 to 60,000 hour ratings
  Instant on, with no flicker and no delay
  No toxic materials, and small carbon footprint
  More options to control direction and shape of light
  No worry about "voltage drop" compared to halogen
  Durability for Canada's cold winters and hot summers